AiPay made to work.

Worlds First AI Dedicated Payment Solution.

Our system is fully intergratable into all A.I systems allowing automatic payment transfers and collections.

Fast and secure with added scalability.

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The AiPay Mission

AiPay has been created with the sole mission of becoming the worlds largest payment platform for A.I applications.

Our goal is to match the yearly transaction volume of visa which is averaged at around 192.5B transactions yearly.

Bringing crypto to the masses is a goal many set out but fail to archive with our platform this is something that is possible.


AiPay Platform

AiPay is not only a currency, its a whole infrastructure built around artificial intelligence, see what AiPay has to offer below.

AiPay Features

Ecosystem Description

We push the bounderies when it comes to user interface and scalability.

Interactive Interface

All apps/programs AiPay produces will be interactive and user friendly

Custom Blockchain

We have developed a brand new Blockchain based around Ethereums current Blockchain, with some huge differences ZERO gas fees and mass adaption ready

AiPay 3 Layer

Our Blockchain is built as a 3-layer chain with smooth transactions thanks to the middle layer (Our validation layer)


We have built our eco-system to work on all devices, never get stuck when your not at home.

Team Experience

AiPay consists of 27 indiviuals who have been working on the Blockchain scene since the creation of BTC.

More Than Just A Token

AiPay is more than just a token, its an application that will take the world by storm.


Token Sale

We have listed the details for our token sale below, this data is built into our Blockchain and will not change.

Token Name: AiPay
Token Platform: Custom Blockchain - AChain
Token Standard: Ai-150
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 20,000,000,000
Available for Purchase: 18,000,000,000 (+2,000,000,000 From Team Fund)
PreLaunch 1 Aug - 30 Sep 2023: 85% bonus, 1 AiPay ~ $0.000001
Pre-Sale Stage 1 1 Oct - 31 Oct 2023: 75% bonus, 1 AiPay ~ $0.00001
Pre-Sale Stage 2 1 Dec - 31 Jan 2024: 60% bonus, 1 AiPay ~ $0.0001
Pre-Sale Stage 3 1 Feb 2024 - 28 Feb 2024: 45% bonus, 1 AiPay ~ $0.001
Main ICO 1 Mar – 31 May 2024 : 30%100% bonus, 1 AiPay ~ $0.01$0.0001
Public Launch: 1 Jun 2024

How are $AiPay distributed?

We have made a chart of where AiPay tokens are being distributed.

What and When?

AiPay Roadmap

Key goals and planned events are lsited below in a timeline follow our progress as we get to our final goals and into full production mode.

1st August - 30th September 2023

Our prelaunch has opened to the public! With a 85% purchase bonus DO NOT MISS THIS! Tokens are valued at $0.000001.

1st October - 31st October 2023

Our stage 1 presale will go live with a whopping 75% bonus and the value of 1 AiPay ~ $0.00001.

1st November 2023 - 31st January 2024

Users will see a x10 increase in their value along with a bonus drop to 60%, during Stage 2 the price of 1 AiPay ~ $0.0001.

1st December 2023

Our team will start reaching out to our users and getting the community built so we can thrive for years to come.

1st Febuary - 28 Febuary 2024

We have entered stage 3 of our presale! Tokens will be valued as follows 1 AiPay ~ $0.001.

1st March - 31st May 2024

We have made it to the MAIN ICO! with a 30% bonus users can still take part and get a great deal on $AIPAY, Tokens will be valued as follows 1 AiPay ~ $0.01.

1st June 2024

$AIPAY officially goes onto exchanges, DeFi exchanges, and available to trade on other platforms.

Supported Applications

Applications & Language Modules.

See below the collection of apps and services that AiPay can be intergrated with as a payment solution and there are 1000's more than whats listed below.

Stuck with something?

Frequently Asked Questions

We will update this section regulary with any questions that may be asked frequently.

Is it free to create a wallet?
YES! Anyone can register for a AiPay wallet and receive 100 FREE TOKENS.
When will AiPay launch?
1st June 2024 is our official exchange launch date.
How can i buy tokens?
When you have registered for a free wallet you can purchase tokens here currently you can exchange the following:- BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, XRP.

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